Featured In The Wall Street Journal: “People of 5G”

AT&T has reached an agreement to purchase Leap Wireless International Inc., operating under the brand name Cricket.  AT&T claims it will give Cricket customers access to AT&T’s high speed wireless network and expand their choices in mobile devices.  Beneficial to AT&T is the access to the use of Leap’s spectrum, which will allow AT&T to further expand its network.  These unused airwaves are fundamental components to the livelihood of the wireless industry.   However, not everyone is supportive of this pending transaction.  According to the Washington Post, “Federal regulators have been averse to permitting larger carriers to merge.  In late 2011, AT&T abandoned its $39 billion bid to buy T-Mobile after the Justice Department raised its objection to the deal on the grounds it would raise prices and give customers fewer choices.”  Not only are consumers going to be affected by this merger, but property owners with cell towers will potentially lose a tenant on their existing towers, impacting their current monthly rent.