The recent transaction by which AT&T agreed to transfer control of over 9,000 cell phone towers to a major tower company is continuing to have an impact on its current landlords. AT&T landlords continue to receive notices regarding the transaction. It is extremely important for those property owners to seek counsel when reviewing and signing any document they may receive. They could be signing a waiver relinquishing certain rights away. Vertical Consultants is prepared to assist these landlords, with current leases in place with AT&T, throughout the entire transition process, by answering questions and offering direction regarding next steps and building a solid plan of action.

Vertical Consultants will answer any questions that property owners with AT&T leases may have regarding how this transaction will impact them and their property going forward. Vertical Consultants will be available to guide the landlords, showing them what to look out for, as well as to discuss options to enable them to take advantage of the situation by optimizing their current lease to serve their own best interest.