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A quick search through the news highlights just how many communities are considering cell towers currently. As we have previously mentioned, the 5G race has telecommunication companies scrambling to provide adequate coverage and cell tower landlords are benefiting from this boom of activity.

Many local communities have protested the increase in cell towers, for various reasons. One of the largest concerns has been the continued skepticism over impacts to health. No studies have indicated that cell towers increase health risk and the American Cancer Society has consistently maintained that there is no direct correlation between cancer and the radio-frequency waves (RF) from cell towers at this time. Yet, many communities have been adamant that they don’t want cell towers near neighborhoods or schools.

With the long standing issue of the pandemic though, the dependence on cell towers has become apparent. With the impending start of school throughout the country this reliance on technology is irrefutable. As more and more colleges and school systems turn to online or remote learning options, the debate around whether or not more cell towers are needed becomes almost moot.

Parents will need to work from home and students will need to access internet connection to attend school. Schools who have started early have already experienced issues with connectivity and overload. Suddenly the concerns around health, privacy, and home values seem almost negligible when compared to existing in modern life without reliable technology.

Always one step ahead, the telecommunications companies already understand why cell tower leases are worth now more than ever. They’ve actively been trying to buy out existing leases to reduce expenses while also seeking new sites for cell towers, offering far less than what the site is worth.

If you have an existing cell tower lease or a site that could potentially be used for a new cell tower, you may be contacted soon to discuss options. We cannot stress enough the importance of having an experienced cell tower lease expert review those options BEFORE signing any paperwork. Not only do you risk being woefully underpaid for your lease agreement, but you may unknowingly get stuck with terms far worse than you imagine.

Remember, the cell tower companies have experts on their side. Shouldn’t you?

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