Cell_phone_tower_LozenSki and mountain resorts offer unique challenges and opportunities for both the resort and for the communication or tower company that wishes to operate and maintain a cell tower site on the mountain. These resorts are often in some of the more remote spots around the United States, and, in the past, these locations have suffered from poor cellular service. However, that situation is changing rapidly due to the public’s need for constant access to data and connection to the outside world.

With growth in popularity of social networking applications such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, people of all ages want to instantly transmit photos and videos of themselves doing exciting and fun things. What could be better than a picture or video on the ski lift, finishing a mountain hike, or zipping down a ski slope? Given the repeat nature of many patrons, resorts cannot afford to lose a competitive edge to rival resorts due to a reputation for being a cellular “dead spot”. This has led to a demand for increased wireless capabilities at even some of the most remote mountain locations.

Communications companies want to meet this cellular demand because these resorts present a high number of people wanting to access wireless networks. Also, similar to the competition involved at resorts, carriers do not want to lose a customer because the customer cannot access the carrier’s service from their favorite ski lodge.

While both parties want the cell site, installing a cellular tower at a ski resort presents unique challenges for the communications company and the resort. The foremost issues are access to the cell tower and barriers to future development at the resort.

At Vertical Consultants, we always tell our clients to take access rights into consideration. Landowners must consider when and how their tenant will be accessing the cell tower. There are many situations and questions the resort must address. For example, how is your tenant going to get to the top of the mountain when trails are covered in several feet of snow and ice? Will they need to use your ski lift? Will they need access to your hiking trails with a guide to lead them to their site? Will your resort guests be on the trails and lifts at the same time?

Along with access, resorts must consider their needs for future development when reaching agreement terms. Resorts need to maintain some flexibility in regard to the placement of the cell tower and the easement. What is today an access road might one day need to serve a completely different purpose. Cell tower leases, on average, span a time period well in excess of 25 years. A lot can happen in that timeframe; so do not limit your options from the start. These are all tricky issues, and it is best to leave the tailoring of these crucial provisions to a telecom-leasing expert.

At Vertical Consultants, we have assisted several ski resorts with navigating the unique pitfalls of cell site leases, but our work does not stop there! Depending on your resort’s individual situation and layout, you may better served with a Distributed Antenna System or Microcells. Maybe you only want a cell tower that looks like an evergreen tree for aesthetic purposes. Whatever your question or desire is, we are here to advise you, so contact us today!

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