It all adds up—specifically to 197%—for investment company, 2324 Group, LLC, based in Ft. Worth, Texas. Navigating the negotiation process for an existing lease with a national tower company can be a daunting task for property owners like 2324 Group, LLC.

New leases are popping up all over the map with the continual growth of the wireless industry. A common misconception is that a new lease is the same as an existing lease. This is not the case, and property owners who have existing lease agreements must understand that the terms and conditions for existing lease agreements can be very different from new leases. If attention was not appropriately paid to the terms in the original agreement, there is an even greater risk to the property owner to leave money on the table. Additionally, it is important to ensure that potential risks are minimized and the value of the property is maximized, attaining optimal rent for property owners like 2324 Group LLC.

Rather than wade through the legalese and try to decipher the secret codes of the wireless providers, 2324 Group, LLC hired Vertical Consultants for assistance with their existing lease. Their main objective: secure the best lease for the best interest of their company and their property. As a result of the partnership with Vertical Consultants, the owners of 2324 Group, LLC, will continue to reap the benefits of not only more revenue through a structured agreement, developed specifically for them, but also feel confident that their core asset is protected for the short-term, and for the life of the lease.   Happy New Year 2324 Group, LLC!

The mission of Vertical Consultants is to empower and advocate for property owners negotiating new or existing cell tower leases with global telecom companies. With over 50 years of combined telecom, financial, legal, and real estate experience and expertise, the Vertical Consultants team has achieved an average of 338% immediate rent increases, securing over $150,000,000.00 in cell site rents for clients across North America.  

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