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With network expansions and, therefore, increased profitability for wireless providers, property owners have a unique opportunity to capitalize on their existing cell tower lease agreements.

Hiring a consultant to advocate on their behalf was the first action step for private landowners in San Marcos, located just outside Austin, TX. These cowboys researched consulting firms, and based on industry experience and consistent achievements, selected Vertical Consultants to help implement their business plan.

In the upcoming months, Vertical Consultants will ascertain the value of the use of their client’s property by a major telecom company, provide professional counsel on the existing cell tower lease to ensure a structured agreement is place for optimal results for the short-term and the lifetime of the lease.

The mission of Vertical Consultants is to empower and advocate for property owners negotiating a new or existing cell tower leases with global telecom companies. With over 50 years of combined telecom, financial, legal, and real estate experience and expertise, the Vertical Consultants team has achieved an average of 338% immediate rent increases, securing over $150,000,000.00 in cell site rents for clients across North America.  

Partner with Vertical Consultants and increase your company’s revenue in 2016.