American Tower corporation has renewed its long-standing partnership with Verizon by signing a new lease agreement. Neither the financial terms nor the length of the new tower agreement were disclosed. This long-term lease agreement will bolster Verizon’s ongoing 5G network deployments across the US. The access to additional towers is key to advancing their goal of closing the coverage gap on T-Mobile US.

In a statement to Mobile World Live (MWL) Verizon said that the two companies had been negotiating since December, when the previous contract expired. A new agreement was reached on August 30th.

Craig Moffett, a MoffettNathanson analyst, noted in a July research note that Verizon and AT&T’s recent earnings results were good for tower leasing companies such as American Tower, as investing to catch up with T-Mobile is one of the most plausible paths they may take to improve their performance.

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