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Featured In The Wall Street Journal: “People of 5G”

Cell Tower Lease ExpertsQuite often, cell tower landlords are concerned there will be no need for the towers in the future and that they could potentially lose revenue received from the cell towers on their land.  This isn’t something that should concern you and there are several reasons why.  According to recent studies, by 2016, wireless data traffic in North America will be more than 100 times the volume than it was in 2009.  This year, the number of mobile connected devices will exceed the world’s population and, according to research studies, along with cell tower company executives, the number of cell towers is expected to increase.

Property owners: you shouldn’t be concerned with the potential of losing your cell tower lease – you should focus on getting the most value for the use of your land.  In fact, this month, a cell tower company executive was quoted saying that they are experiencing an increase in revenue from leasing space on towers they have built. If they are paid more for the use of their towers, you should be paid more for the tower companies’ use of your land.  It’s that simple.  Contact Vertical Consultants today to take the first step in immediately increasing your cell tower rent.  Remember, the telecom companies have experts working for them, shouldn’t you?