A common theme that Vertical Consultants finds with property owners who have signed a new cell tower lease, extended a cell tower lease or those who have sold their leases, is that they feel they have made a mistake.  This sense of regret is often attributed to the fact that property owners, at the time, did not have access to information that indicates property owners’ bargaining power, how much rent they should receive, and how much a cell tower lease is worth should they want to sell it.  You have a choice when you are approached by telecom companies who are interested in altering your lease and those are asking to lease your property for cell tower placement.  You must remember than when you are contacted by these companies, they do not have your best interest in mind, therefore any terms they could negotiate would lean more in their favor than yours.  Property owners and cell tower landlords can stop telecoms and tower developers from perpetuating these disparities.  You can do so by simply having experts like Vertical Consultants on your side, getting you full and fair value for your telecom lease.