Featured In The Wall Street Journal: “People of 5G”

5G wireless technology is rolling out across the nation. With this new technology comes the need to build hundreds of thousands of new cell sites in the next three to five years to support 5G and provide access to wireless carriers’ networks. One significant consequence is an  increase in the value of existing cell tower leases.

Cell tower leases are a billion dollar industry that many people never even realize exists. Cell tower values become more valuable due to the nature of 5G technology. Existing towers will act as the hub of a hub and spoke network, with smaller 5G cell sites being the spokes. While it takes thousands of 5G small cell sites to support the networks, they still rely on a central tower with a stronger signal.

Another positive impact for lease values is the modification of existing equipment on the towers. In many cases new equipment is being added, along with new wireless tenants. All of these changes make the cell site more valuable and the lease more valuable.

Landowners with cell tower leases need to be aware of the real value of their leases moving forward. In a world with ever-changing technology, existing towers remain a critical component of present and future plans for wireless networks.

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