In a recent article, Fierce Wireless discussed how a new company is forming using a familiar financing scheme and how that company relates to 5G cell towers, Dish Network and telecom growth.

So how does this news impact current cell tower lease holders and potential new lease holders?

The bottom line is that the race for 5G in the inclusion of Dish Network in that race has led to billion dollar investments and signaling improved value for cell towers. Landowners need to be aware of these changes in the industry because they can have a significant impact on the tower on their property or on the value of that tower.

For example, tower companies may be attempting to add new equipment to a tower on your land. You need to make sure that you have an understanding of what they’re doing to your tower and if you deserve additional compensation due to the additional equipment.

Another thing that lease holders need to understand is how the new equipment, or any new terms that come with that equipment, may impact the length of the lease. It is vital that you consider all the angles before signing a new lease or extending an existing one. The implications could impact you for generations, as many cell tower leases are decades long agreements.

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The tower companies have experts on their side, shouldn’t you?

Additional Details about CONX Corp.

The new company, called CONX Corp., is led by Dish Network Chairman Charlie Ergen and Associated Partners Managing Director Bill Berkman.

With Dish Network entering into the cell tower industry, they now have a major stake in the location and deployment of wireless assets. Charlie’s partner, Bill Berkman, recently used a similar financing scheme to propel his business in the wireless industry. In viewing the growth potential in 5G, Bill said, “I’ve never seen such a frenzy to get infrastructure built.”

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