imagesThe Offer – Tower companies are rushing to get property owners to extend their lease. Why? Their goal is to close the deal before you can understand the true value of your cell tower lease. Simply stated, tower companies offer terms within a lease that are undervalued, and include language that could negatively impact you and your property in the future.  A bad deal today will be a worse deal going forward.

The Commitment – Tower companies looking to extend your lease are always happy to tell you what they can offer you. However, they are not interested in talking about the significance of this agreement and its impact on your future. You are making a commitment to agree to these terms not only today, but also for the months and years ahead.  It is critical that you fully understand these terms because the wrong deal will devalue your entire property. It wouldn’t make sense to receive money in one hand, and then give it away with the other hand!

The Real Value – Tower companies train their representatives to implement sales strategies enticing property owners with a purchase price that sounds too good to be true.  They do not engage in conversation, however, about all of the benefits they will be receiving as a result of acquiring your cell tower lease.  These companies are not forthcoming about the true value of your cell tower.  Don’t sign anything before you know the real value of your cell tower lease—the value to YOU and the value to the tower company hoping to get your lease.

The Pressure – Tower companies often use fear tactics to manipulate property owners, directly or indirectly, into making quick decisions.  This offer may have a short deadline or state that you are in jeopardy of losing your rents. Remember, you are in the driver’s seat, not the company asking to extend your lease. They are knocking on your door because they need you.

The Result – Our firm works with, individuals, businesses, non-profits/churches, municipalities, and many other property owners. We encourage all of our clients to be certain that they are not just agreeing to a deal, but the RIGHT Deal.  What is the “Right Deal?”  It is a lease agreement that ensures fair value for the utilization of your land today, and protects you and your property throughout the entire term of the lease.  Contact us today and take the first step in getting the Right Deal.