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  1. Cell Tower ConsultantsTHE TRUE VALUE OF YOUR PROPERTY – Understand the true value to the company looking to lease a portion of your property. Mobile traffic is forecasted to triple by 2019. It is estimated that wireless carriers currently utilize small cells to accommodate over 75% of overflow data during high traffic times. Therefore, a small cell site can be essential for wireless carriers to remain competitive, and your property has value to them.
  2. THE VALUE TO THE NETWORK – Rather than focusing on the amount of space that will be utilized, focus on the value associated with the use of the space. Small cell sites are a fraction of the size of their sibling traditional cell tower or rooftop sites but play a significant role in securing revenue for wireless carriers.  A small cell agreement should be reflective of the value to the carrier and not simply the size of the proposed space.
  3. THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE – Protect your core asset (building, church, shopping center, arena, etc.) and prevent big problems caused by a small agreement in the future. Again, a wireless carrier will direct your attention to the small area, and the proposed rent payments.  Remember that an unfavorable long-term agreement could result in unlimited liability and restricting future development, financing or even selling your property.

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