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Featured In The Wall Street Journal: “People of 5G”

Many cell tower landlords are focused on how much rent they should receive, and understandably so.  Something that many property owners overlook in a new cell tower lease agreement is the effect the agreement will have on their property and what they may be giving up. Here are 3 areas affected by a cell tower lease.

Development of your property: certain restrictions in your lease can affect the future development of your land. These restrictions can include where and how you can expand the use of your own property.

Disposition:  Property owners be aware of any agreement that requires you to get the consent of your telecom tenant before you can sale your property.  This can inhibit the marketability and sale of your land.

Debt Financing:  You must be sure there are no provisions in your lease that could be in violation of any financing you may already have on your property.  Also, be sure there are no terms that will adversely affect your ability to re-finance.  For instance, if you agreed to your tenant’s right of first refusal, it will be most difficult to get the financing you desire because lenders will not want to deal with Right of First Refusals. While others try to focus on numbers involved, Vertical Consultant goes the extra mile and provides services that will optimize your assets.