The emergence of 5G networks will allow up to 100 times faster communications, increase data processing and analysis capabilities, and enhance connectivity between users and between devices. Here’s what the internet is saying about this.

The promises for 5G permeate every industry, including homeland security. One example is that 5G’s enhanced capacity will allow border patrol to use integrated security cameras and other sensors, which will allow border agents to monitor a huge swath of the country, essentially creating an entire coast-to-coast intelligent border security system.

In addition, 5G technology will open border patrol to use interconnected unmanned vehicles and surveillance systems. Receiving more information at faster speeds, along with the ability to process and analyze that information more quickly, resulting in border agents an enhanced ability to detect and respond to threats.

U.S. Border Patrol Deputy Chief Raul Ortiz recently stated, “When we think about 5G and where we’re going, the sky’s the limit and I’m really excited.”

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