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Featured In The Wall Street Journal: “People of 5G”

Who Is Hugh Odom?

As the New York Times put it, Hugh is a “telecommunications expert.” Hugh founded Vertical Consultants in 2010, after over ten years of experience as an AT&T attorney.

The depth and breadth of his knowledge about cell tower leases, negotiations, and landowner rights have allowed Vertical Consultants to secure over 1 BILLION DOLLARS in cell tower lease negotiations for thousands of property owners across the US.

Hugh Odom Bio

Interviews About 5G, Leases Rates & More   In this episode, The Richer Geek welcomes Hugh Odom. He's a former AT&T attorney, and the founder and president of Vertical Consultants, a telecom consulting firm that has provided...

Hugh Odom Joins SPW On RFD-TV

Broadband connectivity is becoming an increasingly significant issue across America, with the divide between rural America and the suburbs and cities deepening daily. SPW Contributor Hugh Odom of Vertical Consultants shared his thoughts on that divide -- and how to...

5G And What It Means For Self Storage Operators

5G And What It Means For Self Storage Operators

The race for 5G is well under way, and it needs more infrastructure to support it. This is creating opportunities for self-storage owners, which is only becoming more lucrative—if you handle it right. Vertical Consultant's founder Hugh Odom addresses why now is the...

NewsNation Now Interviews Hugh Odom

Telecom expert Hugh Odom joined NewsNation to discuss the impact of a proposed bill that would get all Americans, especially those living in rural areas, access to high speed internet. NewsNation is a national news and entertainment cable...

Newsmax TV Interview: Hugh Odom Discusses Wireless Divide

Newsmax invited Hugh Odom to join their panel to discuss the Wireless Divide between cities with fast internet access and smaller communities with poor connectivity and access. Hugh was joined by former Congressman Jack Kingston & by...

NBC Interview with Hugh Odom: The Wireless Divide

NBC LX conducts a live interview with Hugh Odom to discuss the Wireless Divide between those people with a fast, consistent wireless connection and those without. Hugh is a telecom expert and founder of Vertical Consultants.