What Will Vertical Consultants Service Cost Me?

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself, “How much is this going to cost me?” Good question.

One of the first questions we get from a prospective client is what the cost of our consulting services will be. Vertical Consultants works with all types of clients and situations, so we provide our clients with multiple options, as it pertains to the price of our services, including hourly fees and performance-based fee packages, as well as strictly contingency-basis fees, where you are out no money unless we get you a deal that meets your satisfaction.

If a consultant can provide you with an exact fee without knowing you and your particular situation, they are merely selling you a “canned product”, which they provide to everyone else.

We stand committed to providing unmatched services, tailored to meet your specific needs. We are so confident in our services and expertise that our motto here is, “we don’t benefit unless you benefit”. Some companies will charge you up to $500.00 per hour for basic advice! We, however, feel the true benefit to having you as a client is being able to show you actual results, and not simply providing you with suggestions.

Vertical Consultants starts with a complimentary, no-obligation, initial phone consultation, in which we first listen to your questions and concerns about your lease. We then discuss with you what options you have, not only to better optimize your lease by getting more rent, but also to get a better overall lease that protects you and your land from possible pitfalls that exist with any cell tower or rooftop telecom lease.

Vertical Consultants’ goal is to provide a potential client with options that are actually available to them that they may not otherwise have known were available. Before you retain us, we will walk through what options are available to you, even ones that you may not have considered.

Unlike other companies that may have contacted you directly looking to buy your cell tower lease, we do not buy leases. Rather, we focus on increasing our clients’ rents. The proof is in the results we have obtained for our clients, which, in 2012, averaged a 142% immediate increase in rents being received by our clients. Ask other consulting firms if they can match those numbers. If so, ask them to prove it, because we will.

Vertical Consultants will discuss all of your options, as well as what pros and cons will exist with any choice you consider. Unlike others who just want you to focus on rent, we understand that as important as it is to get the most rent out of your lease, it is just as important to understand your need to minimize what you are giving up as well.

Vertical Consultants’ mission is to provide you with both the information and the representation you need to make the best decisions regarding your lease. We always welcome the opportunity to work with a client, but we let every client know that if they choose not to use our services, they should seek assistance from another expert, due to the fact that telecom companies have experts working for them. We have had several prospective clients try other consulting firms, only to contact us at a later time to assist them, after they did not receive the services they deserved.

We welcome the opportunity to not only discuss your leasing situation, but also to provide you a free review of your current or proposed cell tower lease and tower site. We will, within one business day,  follow that review up with a no-cost consultation to discuss what options you have going forward and how we can assist you. Your lease information is always confidential and, unlike competitors, we do not use your lease information to fill up our database.

Take the first step in getting a better cell tower lease, and contact us today at 877-456-7552 or via email info@vertical-consultants.com.