Should you Sell Your Cell Tower Lease?

Selling a cell tower lease: what to consider

We can significantly increase the offer you receive to sell your sell tower lease.  This is also called a cell tower lease buyout offer. But don’t take our word for it, watch our client testimonial videos below.


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Selling a lease: the telecommunication companies

FACT: Companies wishing you to sell your cell tower lease, are hiding the proper way to calculate your cell tower lease’s true value, and ultimately getting most property owners to agree to terms that may be harmful to them and their property. Property owners without proper representation find themselves at a huge disadvantage when trying to structure a deal to sell their lease. Put our team of industry insiders and advocates on your side. Contact us now to learn how to get the most money for your cell tower lease without having to give up too much in return.

Sell your lease: how we can help

Let Us Get You More Money! Get A Free Lease Review Now, We Can…

  • INCREASE BUYOUT OFFERS – We have negotiated over $150,000,000 in buyout offers
  • ASSESS RISK – Determine the risk of the termination of your lease
  • NEGOTIATE – We get you Top-Dollar for the sale of your lease
  • EVALUATE DEAL TERMS – Compare your offer to others deals
  • ADVOCATE – Negotiate the best overall deal terms
Learn More About Selling a Cell Tower Lease – Why Consider a Cell Tower Lease Buyout?
Hugh Odom

Hugh Odom – President & Founder

Hugh Odom has 20 years of legal and telecom insider experience in real estate telecommunications. Prior to founding Vertical Consultants, he was an attorney for AT&T for 10 years handling acquisition and management of their telecom assets. While at AT&T, Odom structured thousands of cell tower lease deals located throughout North America and abroad. Hugh has switched sides, fighting to level the playing field in an unbalanced match: “The Telecom Giants vs. Property Owners”. Hugh’s unique combination of industry experience and legal expertise make him a powerful ally for property owners with new or existing leases.

Get A Free Cell Tower Lease Buyout Review — We Can Significantly Increase Your Cell Tower Buyout Offer