Melody Wireless Buys Over 900 Cell Tower Leases

cell tower leasesOn January 26th, 2015, Melody Wireless, an affiliate of Melody Capital, announced they were expanding their portfolio of cellular structures to over 2,000 locations with the purchase of 908 cell tower leases from Wireless Capital Partners. This deal comes on the heels of Melody Capital appointing David Bacino as their new president. Bacino moved to Melody Capital from American Tower where he was responsible for their Western region.

Melody Capital is a New York-based private investment firm with a focus on telecommunications’ investments. They are now one of the largest independent owners of cell tower sites in the United States and hold over $1.3 billion in capital. The move of Bacino from American Tower, coupled with the aggressive steps taken to double their telecommunications portfolio and network, signals the coming of a new serious player in the cell tower industry.

Wireless Capital Partners is a lease acquisition company who searches the country for undervalued cell tower leases and acquires landowners’ rights in the tower for a lump sum payment that is generally significantly less than the asset is actually worth. If you previously sold your rights in your tower to Wireless Capital Partners, your rights may have been sold to Melody Capital. You may or may not have received notice of this sale, depending on the wording of the agreement you signed with Wireless Capital Partners.

If Wireless Capital Partners, or a similar company who desires to purchase your lease, is contacting you, consider contacting a specialist at Vertical Consultants today. Our industry leading experts can advise you on the value of your asset and guide you in your discussions with these companies, or even negotiate with the companies for you, to ensure you receive the maximum value possible on your cell tower lease. If these companies are contacting you, it is a sign that your lease is undervalued, and their experts know they can increase the rental revenue through negotiating new terms with your tenant. Our cell tower lease advisors want that potential increase to go to YOU!

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