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Video Testimonials

“Vertical Consultants Secured A 330% Increase For Us.”

-Maurice Richter, California

Why Vertical Consultants? Ask Maurice Richter, Our Very First Client.

He refused to follow so-called Market Rents.

10 Years Later He Is Still Getting Results!!!


Are you looking for an increase in your lease & a trusted expert to turn to? Maurice Richter was and this is his story.

“Hi there, my name is Maurice Richter.

I’m the trustee for the Richter family living trust, and the trust has a cell tower out on the property in Woodland, California.

I took a look at the lease and felt that number one, the value of the lease in itself was not appropriate. I also discovered that it was a T-Mobile tower, but AT&T had equipment on it. Right there I knew I needed legal expertise.”

Show Me The Money


$852,000 Is Left On The Table When Negotiating The Average Cell Tower Lease.

Why? Two Words: Market Rents.

Market Rents is a way of saying that the amount of rent you receive should be based on other people’s leases. But it’s not true! Each property has a unique value. Do not be undersold!


Be A Market Leader, Not A Follower. Contact Us Today!!

Get more money. Get Better Terms. Get the lease you deserve.

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