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FACT: Companies looking to buy your cell tower lease will not tell you the true value of your lease.

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As the nation’s leading cell tower consulting firm, Vertical Consultants has the experience and expertise to get our clients results. In 2016, we secured rent increases and exceeded client expectations. Partner with Vertical Consultants, and let our team ensure that you are next on the map in 2017.

3 Things To Consider Before Selling Your Cell Tower Lease

  • “Fools Gold”: Offers to buy your cell tower lease are based upon how much rent you are receiving but is your “Rent” the best way to determine how much you should get paid? Simple answer: No!!!
  • “The Sky Is Falling”: “Your cell tower could be gone due to changing technology” is a common tactic used by someone looking to buy a cell tower lease. Understand the real risk associated with your cell tower before selling.
  • “Garden of Eden”: Satan tempted Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden with the apple, companies buying cell tower leases promise riches but every choice has ramifications. Know what you are really agreeing to before you accept any lease buyout offer.


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