Lawrence Monroe – Tower Advisor

Rusty is the founder of Monroe Telecom Associates, LLC and co-founder of the Center for Municipal Solutions, both of which provides services exclusively to local governments relative to the regulation of the siting, placement, construction, and modification of wireless telecommunications facilities.

Rusty has thirty-five (35) years of experience in the telecommunications industry, including being responsible for overseeing the siting and construction of scores of towers in several states when in the industry.  Rusty has drafted and designed tower and wireless siting regulatory ordinances that are now in effect in nearly 800 client communities in 33 states and have been copied and adopted in one form or another in what has been reported to be hundreds of other communities.

Rusty has reviewed and analyzed and/or been responsible for the review and analysis of at least 3,000 applications for towers and/or wireless facilities, or the modification of such, and has personally inspected the construction of many of these facilities.

Rusty has been asked, as an expert, to conduct educational and training seminars for numerous local governmental organizations related to the regulation of the siting, construction, modification and permitting of towers and wireless facilities. Some of these organizations include:

National Institute of Municipal Lawyers Association (the predecessor of the International Municipal Lawyers Association);

National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA);

Southeastern Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (SETOA)

Numerous other municipal and county organizations.