Who We Are

It came to our attention one day that no other company within our niche market was representing the client from start to finish with their cell tower lease. We asked ourselves an important question, “Would we work with a company who only focused on ONE aspect of the cell tower and/or rooftop lease process?” Our answer brought forth Vertical Consultants.

Just about every other company out there was offering advice, but wasn’t willing to take the landowner through the entire process. Our goal was to form a company that would not only offer advice, but that would put that advice to work. We created Vertical Consultants to be your one-stop shop, where all of your needs could be met.

We understand that the typical cell tower or rooftop lease has more than one element to it, and that it is usually comprised of a combination of telecom, real estate and financial issues. We are experts in our field, an we have decades of telecom and real estate experience. Our primary objective is to help you maximize the value of your current lease.

We pride ourselves on having the resources, and, more importantly, the talent available to assist you with all the components of a cell tower lease transaction. We can do this because our core team has decades of experience within the industry.

We believe that in today’s world, there are rarely any straight lines when it comes to getting things done. That is why we continually strive to maximize our clients’ opportunities from every direction possible. And our motto is, “We don’t benefit unless you benefit”.

We will be glad to discuss what services Vertical Consultants can provide you, and we offer an initial review of your current situation free of any charges to you.