U.S. Cellular and MD7

Many property owners who have existing cell tower leases with U.S. Cellular are being contacted by MD7. An Md7 sales agent may attempt to persuade them that their lease in going to be terminated by U.S. Cellular unless they agree to reduce their current rent.

These agents for MD7 have been placed on a mission to aggressively convince property owners that the cell tower on their property will be removed due to changes within U.S Cellular or the wireless industry as a whole.

These agents rely upon the disparity in information between a property owner and a company like MD7. Most property owners have, and continue to be, unprepared to deal with claims that these agents for U.S. Cellular are instructed to make and even more shaken by the possibility that they could face the loss of the rental revenue that is being threatened to occur in the very near future. Unfortunately, most landowners are unprepared to deal with the revenue loss and feel they must negotiate.

Vertical Consultants has encountered property owners across the United States who are misled into signing amendments to their current leases, which not only serve to drastically reduce their rent, but are overall harmful to the use of their entire property.

Vertical Consultants works on the landowner’s behalf to locate the U.S. Cellular cell tower in their area to determine what options U.S. Cellular truly has and if their tower site is actually in jeopardy. We work to provide expert evaluations about the US Cellular tower lease and viable alternatives that U.S. Cellular towers may have.

Contact us today regarding any request that has been made by U.S. Cellular. We will review any request that has may have been made by U.S. Cellular, free of charge, and provide you with options you may not have otherwise thought were available.

Vertical Consultants is always open to provide you with not only references from clients we have assisted, but we will let you speak to them directly.

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