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Wireless Carriers – Who They Really Are

A wireless service provider, wireless carrier, cellular company, or mobile network carrier, is a provider of wireless services, owning or controlling all the elements necessary to sell and deliver services to an end user, including radio spectrum allocation, wireless network infrastructure and back haul infrastructure.

In addition to obtaining revenue by offering retail services under its own brand, a wireless carrier may also sell access to network services at wholesale rates to network operators.

A key-defining characteristic of a mobile network operator is that a wireless carrier must own or control access to a radio spectrum license from a regulatory or government entity. A second key-defining characteristic of a wireless carrier is that a wireless carrier must own or control the elements of the network infrastructure, necessary to provide services to subscribers over the licensed spectrum.

Wireless Carrier-Rankings:

  •         Verizon Wireless
  •         AT&T
  •         Sprint
  •         T-Mobile
  •         U.S. Cellular
  •         Cricket (Leap Wireless)
  •         C-Spire Wireless
  •         Alltel
  •         nTelos
  •         Cincinnati Bell Wireless

When a wireless carrier contacts a property owner or building owner, it is usually for the following reasons:

Wireless Carrier-New Cell Tower Lease: Wireless carrier has approached you to possibly allow a cell tower or other wireless equipment on your property. Property owners need to first establish what their bargaining power is in this transaction and the value of their property to the wireless carrier.

Lease Extension Requests: Wireless carriers will contact property owners who have leases with wireless carriers, whose leases have five (5) years or less remaining on the current lease term.

Rent Reduction Requests: Wireless carriers will contact a property owner and request that they drastically reduce current rents being paid under the current cell site lease agreement. Wireless carriers will often make the property owner aware that if such request is not granted, the current lease will be terminated in the foreseeable future.

Lease Term Modification: Wireless carriers are now in the business of requesting non-monetary revisions to the a property owners current lease, including, but not being limited to, the right to increase the leased area in the future, restrictions on a property to be able to sell the lease or the property where the tower or rooftop installations reside, or, in some cases, limiting the property owner from collecting certain expenses associated with tower being on his/ her property.

If you have been contacted by a wireless carrier, we would caution you before agreeing to anything being presented.

These proposed changes to your lease, even ones that might increase your rent, are only for the benefit of their client and not the property owner.

If you have been approached by a wireless carrier, contact us today, and we will review your lease and your tower site to see what options you truly have and how to optimize those options.

Vertical Consultants is always open to providing you with not only references from clients we have assisted, but we will let you speak to them directly.

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