MD7 – Lease Tactics and Mission

Md7 has a mission and that is to lower your rent and increase the rights of the wireless carriers they work for. How do they do this? Mostly by the using the threat of the termination of your cell tower lease, even when the carrier has no intention of terminating and would also have significant hurdles to actually do so.

Mission # 1-Scare You: MD7 mostly relies on one tactic and that is that the telecom industry is changing and, as a result, your lease is going away if you don’t act now. MD7 wants you to focus on larger market issues that mostly have no impact on your site.

Who Are You Actually Talking To? Remember, just because the person on the other end of the phone states he/ she is an expert, that usually is not the case. You should ask the person contacting you what their level of experience in the telecom industry is, their familiarity with your geographic area, and, more importantly, their familiarity with your tower site.

MD7 Wants To Keep You On Script: Md7 agents rely on prepared scripts that they use on almost every cell site landlord, and if they are asked questions regarding your particular tower, they can’t give you a answer and will do their best to get you back to the script that they have right in front of them. A cell site owner will not address issues like continued cell tower and site expansions.

If you have been contacted by MD7, we would caution you before agreeing to anything being presented.

These proposed changes to your lease, even ones that might increase your rent, are only for the benefit of their client and not the property owner.

If you have been approached by MD7, contact us today, and we will review your lease and your tower site to see what options you truly have and how to optimize those options.

Vertical Consultants is always open to providing you with not only references from clients we have assisted, but we will let you speak to them directly.

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