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Understanding Distributed Antenna Systems (“DAS”)

Have you ever been in a crowded place with your phone displaying an excellent signal, and yet you cannot even download an email? This problem arises when people overload the data capacity in the confined area they are in. Common examples of this are seen at sporting events where 20,000+ people are trying to check scores, send text messages and update their social media. The surrounding cell towers and rooftop equipment simply cannot crunch all of the data efficiently. Distributed Antenna Systems (or DAS) are one potential solution that the industry is seeing.

rooftop-cell-towerDAS not only solves the issue with scenarios like sporting events, but it can also help provide coverage to buildings with isolated spots with poor cellular signal. A DAS works by installing a network of small antennas within a building or other structure. The small antennas all connect with one large base at the building, which transmits information to the outside wireless network. Whereas before you had tens of thousands of devices sending small signals to a cellular tower and back, now you have only one large source. This reduction results in a more efficient and reliable wireless network with increased capacity.

DAS systems can only be installed when a communications company partners with a building owner; it is not a project the landowner can undertake on their own. Installation of DAS is an expensive process, as multiple antennas and cables must be installed; however, the wireless carrier often covers these costs. A DAS may be perfect for your building if you have a large number of cellular users on the premises and they are struggling with wireless signal issues. One example might include an old dormitory or lecture hall where concrete construction and other issues work to prevent students from accessing wireless or 4G networks.

In today’s economy, you cannot afford to have a location known for cellular dead spots. The telephone repairman may shrug his shoulders and say there is nothing they can do. Do not give up and fall behind your competition. If you feel this situation applies to you, and you would like assistance in reaching out to a communications company or with brokering a deal for a distributed antenna system, please contact Vertical Consultants today. We have the best industry contacts and we will help you get the best deal possible.

Call us today for your free consultation and for more information on DAS networks or any other telecom related questions you may have.

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To learn more about our services, visit https://www.celltowerleaseexperts.com or contact Vertical Consultants at info(at)vertical-consultants(dot)com or 877.456.7552.