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Vertical Consultants is a telecom consulting firm, achieving an average of a 302% immediate increase in client’s rent in 2022. We provide guidance and services exclusively for property owners who either have an existing cell tower or rooftop telecom lease, or have been approached to enter into a new lease for such facilities. We specialize in assisting and being an advocate for landowners across North America. The staff of Vertical Consultants has decades of experience in the cell tower industry, including two telecom/real estate attorneys who have over 30 years of combined experience in the telecom arena.

Unlike other consulting firms, we do not work with the cell phone or tower companies – we only work for you, the property owner. We strive to provide more than mere advice to our clients…we strive to provide unmatched results. (Click here to see some of our results)

Ultimately, our mission is to get our clients a “Smart Cell Tower Lease”, which is one that not only maximizes the monthly revenue you receive from the use of your property from day one, lasting throughout the term of the lease, but also minimizes any terms that, in the future, may negatively impact the future development, disposition or financing of your property. (Click Here To Learn More About Smart Cell Tower Leases)

Vertical Consultants distinguishes itself from other consulting companies by what we can bring to the table:

  • Our results are of record and been reported by media outlets throughout North America. Vertical Consultants does not buy cell tower leases, as we focus on increasing the value of your lease. As previously mentioned, in 2016, we achieved an average of a 322% immediate increase in client’s rent.
  • Vertical Consultants understands that every cell tower lease is unique and has a different value. We know rent should be based on the value of the lease to the tower company and not the undervalued rent someone else agreed to.
  • Vertical Consultants has both the expertise and the experience to provide you with answers regarding the “true value” of your property as it relates to not only a new tower or rooftop lease agreement, but, in addition, we have the means to offer our clients the options to be able to increase the value of any existing lease they might already have.
  • Vertical Consultants is comprised of a group of experts who have decades of experience and have worked for the largest telecom companies in the world, including two attorneys who have over 30 years of combined experience in negotiating and drafting telecom leases.  (Click Here To Learn More About the Members of Vertical Consultants)
  • Vertical Consultants is a “true” independent consulting firm. We only work with property owners. The members of Vertical Consultants own no towers and have even sold all telecom stocks previously held to insure that we have no conflicts.
  • We are not like those other “one trick pony” consulting firms that will charge you up to $500.00 an hour just to tell you what you need to do.  We will provide you expert consulting, outline your options going forward, and work on your behalf to garner results.  And, in the end, we will not truly benefit unless you see a benefit from our services. Other consulting companies focus on providing you advice; Vertical Consultants focuses on providing you results.
  • Vertical Consultants has never and does not receive any fees or incentives from any tower or telecom company. We also have no preset agreements with any telecom or tower company, and we will sign an affidavit stating this as fact.
  • Vertical Consultants provides free rent reports, lease reviews, and cell tower lease buyout analyses. We do provide hourly fee options, but we work primarily on a contingency fee basis- meaning we only get paid if you see results.
  • Vertical Consultants promises to keep all of your lease information confidential and will sign a confidentiality agreement as a guarantee.
  • Vertical Consultants provides you with not only access to reference letters from actual clients we have achieved results for, but we will put you in touch with them so you can hear it directly from the source.
  • Vertical Consultants offers discounts for military personnel and their families, as well as senior citizens. We also provide discounts for certain non-profit organizations.

Contact us today for a free review of your cell tower lease. Remember the cell tower companies have experts working for them, shouldn’t you?