Who Is The Lyle Company? Why Are They Calling?

celltowerleasebuyoutsLyle Company was founded in the 1980’s and is based out of Rancho Cordova, California. They were not originally a cell tower lease optimization company like Black Dot Wireless of Md7; however, their role has evolved. Today, they perform a significant amount of work on behalf of tower companies like Crown Castle and American Tower. These tower companies are acquiring Lyle Company’s services in order to maximize the value of their cellular tower sites.

Every dollar of value Lyle Company creates for the tower company is at YOUR expense! Like the slick car salesman, Lyle Company representatives may be friendly and make you think you are getting a great deal. However, landowner’s should be aware that creating value for the landowner does not factor into the Lyle Company’s offer in any way.

Cell Tower Lease Buyouts

Lyle Company often contacts landowners with propositions of extending the term of the lease, or to buyout the lease altogether for a lump sum payment. When offering to extend the term of the lease, Lyle Company offers very little in the way of consideration or compensation for your signature, and, in fact, sometimes will offer you nothing at all! Extending the term of your agreement provides a lot of value to your tenant by way of locking you into an undervalued lease for an extra period of time.

If Lyle Company is offering to buy your cell tower lease, this should be a sign to you that your lease is noticeably undervalued. Do not let Lyle Company take the potential value in your asset. Call Vertical Consultants today so that we can put that money where it belongs….in YOUR pocket! On average, Vertical Consultants is able to more than TRIPLE our client’s rental revenues.

If you need money now and are genuinely interested in selling your rental stream, do not simply accept Lyle Company’s first offer, or any other lease acquisition company’s offer. Vertical Consultants has cell tower industry experts who can guide you in determining the appropriate value of your rental stream.

Our team of tower lease experts negotiates with Lyle Company and similar organizations on a daily basis. We achieve great results for our clients and we want to do the same for you. While Lyle Company is dedicated to optimizing your tenant’s value at your expense, we want to optimize YOUR value. If your tenant is enlisting the service of telecom negotiation experts, you should too!

Call today for your free consultation if you are contacted by Lyle Company regarding your cell site lease.

In 2022, Vertical Consultants averaged an immediate 302% increase in rents being received by its clients, and since 2010, has been able to assist its clients in the recovery of over 300 years worth of combined underpaid, and, in some cases, unpaid rents and other expenses that were rightfully due to these property owners located throughout North America.

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