Tips For Schools With Cell Towers

cell tower leaseTelecom companies, such as AT&T and Verizon, need to have their communications equipment close to areas where large numbers of people congregate, and your school campus is no exception. However, placing communications equipment on a school’s property provides a unique set of challenges to the telecom companies, as well as cell tower companies like Crown Castle and American Tower. These challenges provide leverage to the university in any cell tower lease negotiation, leading to higher rental income and more flexibility in agreement provisions. The more you know about these challenges, the more likely it is you will be able to obtain an agreement that suits your unique needs, while providing the maximum rental revenue possible.

Universities and schools, as well as their faculty, students and parents, are generally opposed to the presence of a huge cell tower on the campus. The cell towers are often perceived as unsightly or unhealthy. While there is no tangible proof that towers in any way affect a person’s health, the issue remains that nobody wants a 150-foot tall pole and chain link fence, jutting out of the quad or the school amphitheater. Different campus types present the possibility of different solutions to this problem.

Some campuses are massive and sprawling, allowing the school to find a secluded, unused corner for a cell tower. Alternatively, many campuses are very compact and contain several tall buildings. In this situation, perhaps a rooftop lease would provide a more ideal alternative. Many campuses are home to structures already in place, where telecom companies can already easily attach their equipment; perhaps it is the football stadium or the campus radio station’s antenna. As a final alternative, tower construction companies are involved in designing towers that are aesthetically appealing or are hidden within another structure. Today, there are cell towers that look like palm trees, equipment hidden in church bell towers, and even towers designed to look like modern art. Any one of these possibilities may be a viable solution for you.

A second issue presented by cellular network structures, such as cell towers and rooftop equipment, is the need for universities to continually develop their campus so they do not fall behind the competition. This is very relevant when considering most leases are for a period of time in excess of 25 years. Many campuses are over 200 years old, leading to the need to demolish old buildings or modify them for electrical, water, Internet and air conditioning needs. Maybe that secluded corner you found for a cell tower is now needed for a state of the art fitness complex or a new engineering building because your current building is full of asbestos and lead paint. So, how do you relocate that cell tower or rooftop equipment?

When it comes to relocating communications equipment, it is best if you address the possibility when agreeing to your original lease. If you are negotiating a cell tower lease currently, call Vertical Consultants today for more information on how to demand and draft a provision that allows for the need to relocate your tenant. If you have already signed an agreement that does not provide steps for relocating your tenant, you may face an uphill battle, but all is not lost. The experts at Vertical Consultants have worked with many communications companies and tower companies, to find solutions to this very issue. Vertical Consultants currently assists multiple universities with their cell site issues, and we want to help YOU too!

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