Schools-Cell Tower Companies Last Resort?

Vertical Consultants is seeing that most cities are becoming more and more restrictive on where they will allow cell tower companies to build these days. They are doing this by imposing stricter zoning regulations for the placement of cell towers on a limited sector of properties.

The result is that school districts can become an oasis in the middle of the desert. That being especially the case in areas which are mostly residential in their layout. Vertical Consultants has experience working for municipalities, churches and schools in their negotiation and structuring of cell tower and rooftop agreements with some of the largest telecom companies in North America.

Due to the unique locations where most schools are located, they can optimize the structure of the cell tower agreement they are being offered or the ones that they already have in place. We continually make our clients aware they have to understand what the cell tower is both getting out of your property and what the detriment is if they cant occupy and use your land.

If a cell phone carrier has approached your school district, you may be the last option they have when it comes to constructing a cell site in your neighborhood. We work with our clients to identify the “real” cell site options a tower company has in our client’s immediate area, and that is the first step in making the best deal for our clients.

Vertical Consultants works with schools of all types and sizes across the United States in making sure they not only get the best cell tower rent possible, but that they get a lease which protects them and their property. We can review your property and the cell tower lease provided to determine your best options.

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