Frequently Asked Lease Questions

Question:  I have been approached about entering into a long term cell tower user agreement. Can Vertical Consultants assist me?

Answer:  We strongly encourage landowners who have been approached about a possible cell tower lease to consult with industry experts to negotiate the best deal possible. There are three important factors to consider: 1) the cell tower lease terms, 2) the feasibility of other suitable cell tower site locations, and 3) the cost and time associated with building on your location, as compared to other alternative sites. We have in-house professionals who possess a wealth of experience and knowledge who are ready to work with you to reach the best possible agreement.

Question:  I have been presented with an offer to purchase my cell tower lease. Can Vertical Consultants help me determine if that is the best option for me and if so, what a fair price might be?

Answer:  We understand that landowners are constantly bombarded with offers to purchase their cell tower lease agreement by third party companies. These companies typically offer landowners a one-time payment for the rights (and in most cases, expanded rights) to their current lease agreement. We can assist you in exploring all your options, including making sure you are getting the best deal possible, which will meet all of your specific needs.

Question:  A tower owner has approached me with a proposal to grant it either a long term easement or to extend the existing term of the current cell tower lease. How do I determine if the offer is fair?

Answer:  Cell tower companies have a vested interest in controlling the rights to the tower location for extended periods. Currently, the major tower companies, SBA Communications Corporation, American Tower Corporation, and Crown Castle, are very active in seeking long term rights to these properties. At the same time, these companies leverage their industry knowledge to make the landowner uncertain about the long term viability of their current cell tower lease revenue. We can help you better determine the value of your cell tower lease asset and can assist you in making the right decision.

Question:  I have been asked to sign an estoppel agreement, an amendment, or other document relating to my current cell tower lease. What should I do next?

Answer:  Before you sign any document, please be sure you know what you’re signing, as well as the ramifications. A cell tower owner rarely asks for permission that it doesn’t already have. You may be giving away your rights to negotiate for future revenue opportunities. Vertical Consultants works with landowners to help them better understand the purpose and possible ramifications of signing any document related to their property.

Vertical Consultants is here to assist you with any of the above-mentioned questions, or any other question you may have.