Expiring Cell Tower Leases

If you clicked on the link to this particular page, then chances are you fall into the category of landowners whose cell tower leases are set to expire in the near future. You are not alone. The number of cell tower leases that are currently set to expire is growing at a rapid pace. The reason being is that most of these agreements were made in the late ‘80s or early ‘90s. As a result, many landowners are receiving inquiries from their current tenants with requests to either buy out the lease or to extend the lease for only a slight increase in monthly rent.

Vertical Consultants can be of help in dealing with your expiring cell tower lease. Our objective is to be your ally in dealing with the re-negotiation process of your lease. Our primary goal is to better help you understand the true value of your lease as it stands today. Your lease value is in direct correlation to your current tenant, whether that is a tower company or a cell phone carrier company.

As a property owner with a cell tower lease, do you fall in this category?  If so, then you’ve come to the right place. We represent property owners in what can be challenging contract negotiations. Our job is to take on this challenge for you, and, ultimately, maximize the value of your property.

You can rest assured in knowing that you are dealing with the best. Our leadership team consists of real estate, legal, financial and telecom experts who have decades of experience negotiating leases with all the major telecom carriers and tower companies. We have been successful in getting our clients not only a substantial signing bonus, but an immediate increase in their rent. Increases typically range anywhere from 50, 60, or even over 100% in some cases.