How To Relocate A Cell Tower on Your Property

relocate a cell towerOptions in life are always good, and your cell tower site is no exception. Having flexibility with regard to the location of your communications facility is an aspect of the cell tower lease agreement that landowners often overlook. At the time of installation, the site you mutually agreed upon may not have been of any use to you. However, lease agreements are, on average, in excess of 25 years. At Vertical Consultants, we are constantly hearing from clients who are experiencing difficulties in selling or re-developing their property due to the placement of cellular tower or rooftop communications equipment. Needless to say, a lot can change in a community or on an individual piece of property in two decades.

The best way to handle the possibility of relocating your tenant’s cell tower is to address the possibility within the drafting of your initial agreement. In your cellular site lease, you can provide a step-by-step procedure, detailing everything from timeframe to which party bears the costs of relocation. The leasing experts at Vertical Consultants have drafted many such provisions, and we would be happy to help you with your lease if you are in any way uncomfortable in writing such an important contract.

If you already have an agreement, and you have encountered the need to relocate a cell tower, then you should contact one of our advisors today for a lease review and free consultation. If you have a rooftop cell site, then your agreement is more likely to provide steps for relocating your tenant’s communications equipment. Cell tower leases are much less likely to have such provisions; however, even if your agreement does not provide a means for relocating your cell tower, all is not lost!

Vertical Consultants has helped several landowners with relocation issues without an agreement provision. Whether you will ultimately be able to relocate the cell tower site will come down to several factors, including characteristics of your individual property, the terms of your agreement and the ease of access to other suitable sites on your property. It is important to note that your tenant will be very unwilling to cooperate with requests to relocate their improvements, which is why you will need an industry expert to help you open a dialogue with your tenant and guide these discussions.

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