Maximizing A Water Tower Cell Lease

If you are property owner, public entity or water utility district with a water tower structure, you are sitting on the proverbial gold mine of cell tower lease income. In fact, you likely already have several communications’ companies who are leasing the right to attach their equipment to your water tower. Do not let these companies underpay you by tens of thousands of dollars every month.

Cell tower lease landlordsA water tower cell lease is very appealing to communications’ companies for several reasons. The first reason is that the company does not have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a 150-foot tall steel cellular structure…the ground structure is already there for them! This means the cell companies have a lot of financial wiggle room when it comes to negotiating rental rates due to a lack of fixed construction costs and variable maintenance costs.

Along with a lack of construction costs is the absence of fights with city councils over zoning ordinances and building permits. While we at Vertical Consultants admire the beauty of the cell towers all around us for their potential revenue streams and cell network practicality, others view these structures as eye-sores and will fight efforts to have them constructed within their municipality’s limits. Water towers, on the other hand, are a necessity to small towns and are often considered quaint landmarks. The ability to connect communications antennas to water towers allows a win-win scenario between telecom companies (like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint), and the general public, from an aesthetic standpoint.

Finally, water towers make for attractive cell tower equipment sites because they simply provide access to great cell site locations. Companies want their equipment located in centrally populated areas and at as great of height as possible. Not only are many water towers near population centers, but also the water towers are on average 130 feet tall. These sites allow communications’ companies to provide great coverage to their subscribers, increasing the importance and value of the location.

If you own a water tower cell site and are interested in negotiating new agreements with your carriers, or in selling your cell site, contact Vertical Consultants today. Many water tower sites are worth amounts in excess of a million dollars, so do not settle for less. The companies trying to buy the right to your water tower cellular site will offer you an amount well below the true value of your asset.

Do not try to take on these acquisition experts on your own. Enlist the help of a Vertical Consultants expert today! This is what we do! At Vertical Consultants, our experts will work with you to identify the maximum potential value of your site, which will allow you to negotiate for your optimum monthly rent or sale price.

Call today for your free consultation and for more information on how Vertical Consultants can optimize the value of your water tower lease.

In 2022, Vertical Consultants averaged an immediate 302% increase in rents being received by its clients, and since 2010, has been able to assist its clients in the recovery of over 300 years worth of combined underpaid, and, in some cases, unpaid rents and other expenses that were rightfully due to these property owners located throughout North America.

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