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It takes expert negotiation skills to get the best lease.

As a land owner, you have more power than you realize. Try not to look at this as someone leasing your land. Instead, look at this as a utility lease.

Let’s substitute the name Verizon with the name Exxon.

If Exxon came out to your house and said they’ll give you $500/month for this piece of land and they get to keep all the oil and all of the profits from that oil — you’d laugh and tell them to come back with a real offer. No one would agree to that deal.

The only difference is that oil company is pulling value from under your land, and the cell tower company is pulling value from
the sky above.

Don’t follow the market. Lead it.

You don’t want to major in the minors, and we don’t want you to get taken advantage of, or settle for a bad deal. You have something they need – your property. The value is on your end, and no matter what they say, you’re in a position of power here.

While it is important to understand how much rent you are going to get paid on day one, it is more important to know how to structure an agreement to make sure you are paid fairly on day two, three and so forth.

Rent is not a financial structure…it is only the result of it.

In 2020, the largest cell tower companies generated an average of over $4 billion each in yearly revenues from subletting properties like yours. As a property owner, you have a choice: be under-compensated for your land or get the cell tower lease you deserve.

A wave has been happening in the industry for years, which is that tower companies rely on lack of information & representation. With the internet, the information is out there in pieces but people don’t know what to do with it. The tower companies also see that information on the internet & they have 10 counters to everything you say.

The key is knowing how to navigate the counters & negotiations.

It’s like my dad used to say, “You can give someone a boat but it doesn’t mean they know how to navigate the ocean.”

5G Makes Cell Towers More Valuable

Everywhere you look, telecom giants are telling you about their amazing 5G networks and all the great things it can do for you. What they are not telling you is how it will impact leaseholders.

• 5G networks rely on cell towers & that makes cell towers more valuable than ever

• 5G could result in 800,000+ new cell sites by 2026

• 5G buildout could cost over $275 billion dollars

• 5G could result in 100 times faster mobile service

Cell tower companies have information you don’t.

Cell tower companies have access to information that property owners do not and, for years,they have done everything to limit a property owner’s access to this information.

We have access to information related to over 250,000 cell sites across the United States. These cell sites include ground leases, rooftop sites, water tower and utility sites and even sites on bill board and other structures.

Simply stated, the information that Vertical Consultants can provide is exactly what a cell tower company does not want property owners to know when negotiating a new lease or re-negotiating an existing one.

Contact us today, and learn more about not only the information we have available, but how we can use that information to make sure you get the best overall cell tower agreement possible.