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When a communication or cellular tower company approaches you with a proposed cell tower lease, one provision you will not see the company offer is means for landowners to inspect and monitor noise pollution emanating from the cellular equipment. Luckily for landowners, the experts at Vertical Consultants are here to tip you off, and if you choose to retain one of our experts, we would be more than happy to draft and negotiate a provision that will protect you from this potential nuisance.

One common growing example we see of this is issue is tied to DAS, or distributed antenna systems. The unique aspect of a DAS, which requires numerous small antennas be placed around a community or building, is that each individual landowner in a community may have their own small antenna system installed on or near their property. If you are on a HOA or Municipal board, and a member of your community begins to complain about an abnormally loud buzzing or ticking sound from their equipment, do you have the proper contractual means to confront your cellular tenant and force them to correct the issue? This is a question that is best considered and remedied at the onset of contract negotiations. Otherwise you could be left with an unhappy resident and complaints could begin to pile up.

If you believe this is a situation that might be problematic to you, contact the experts at Vertical Consultants. We are here to assist you with all cell site matters, including ensuring that you are able to go to sleep each night without the noise pollution put out by a cellular site. Call today for a free consultation to see what we can do for you.