Our Mission – Level the Cell Tower Playing Field

When Vertical Consultants was formed, we strived to establish a company that would provide a different and more effective way to represent landowners. We understood that most property owners, through no fault of their own, did not have either the information or representation required to optimize either a proposed or existing cell tower or rooftop lease transaction.

Vertical Consultants made it our mission to, first and foremost, provide not only the information a landowner needs to make the most advantageous decision when it comes to any agreement a property owner is presented or already has in place with a cell tower company or cell phone carrier, but to go beyond what the other guys offer and work with our clients in a zealous fashion to optimize the value of such transaction for our client as well.

Vertical Consultants distinguishes itself from other consulting companies by what we can bring to the table:

  • During the wireless boom over the last 20+ years, the cell phone companies have continued to use the same methods to both acquire the rights to new locations, and also to maintain their existing leases. The reason for this lack of change is that it has been very profitable for the cell phone companies to keep things the way they are. These companies continue to generate billions of dollars of revenue from cell tower and rooftop locations throughout North America. The main reason why some of these companies have started from having no net worth, to presently being worth billions of dollar, is that they know that a typical landowner does not have the information nor the representation needed to assess the fair value of their property. As a result, the cell phone companies can continue to profit off of that disparity in information and expertise.
  • Our main mission is to change the way things are done for the benefit of our clients. A landowner has a choice in that it can either continue to accept things the way they are (while the cell phone carriers and tower companies continue to receive windfall profits), OR a landowner can seek out a company like Vertical Consultants, and, in the process, enlist a partner in the quest to level the playing field and ultimately optimize the the value of his/her lease.