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What to Look for in a Cell Tower Lease Consultant

What value can a cell tower lease consultant bring to you?  The main reason why there is such a disparity is because property owners understand their own business, but they do not understand the telecom business. So, if you are thinking about handling your cell tower lease on your own, consider this: The largest cell tower companies averaged almost 3 billion in revenues each, with about 85% of this amount being profit. On the other hand, the landowner who owns the property that is a catalyst for the cell tower is only getting around 8 to 12% on average of the cell tower revenue being generated.

Why hire a Cell Tower Lease Consultant?

A good cell tower consultant will assist a property owner by reviewing all aspects of a cell tower lease deal. Ultimately, a property owner needs to understand all the pieces to a cell tower puzzle, not just the rent piece.  A cell tower consultant should navigate you through all the financial, legal and development aspects of a cell tower deal.

Vertical Consultants was formed in 2010 by attorneys, real estate executives and telecom engineers that had worked in the telecom industry for decades. We understood that most property owners, through no fault of their own, lacked either the information or the representation required to optimize either a proposed or existing cell tower or rooftop lease transaction.

Our primary goal is to, first and foremost, provide our clients with the information they need to maximize the value of any cell tower lease agreement they are presented, and, at the same time, to protect them from hazards they might not otherwise recognize.

Vertical Consultants is the leading cell tower lease consulting firm in the United States:

  • Unmatched Results – Vertical Consultants averaged an immediate increase of over 300% in rents for our clients across the United State and Canada last year. Remember “Advice is Nice, But Results are Better”
  • Unequaled Expertise – Vertical Consultants is the only telecom consulting firm that can assist you with your telecom, real estate and negotiation questions, all under one roof. We have all the answers you need for your cell tower lease.
  • Unrivaled Experience – Our staff has over 80 combined years of experience, headed by our founder Hugh Odom, a real estate/telecom attorney for over 22 years, including serving as an attorney inside AT&T for over 10 years.
  • Unsurpassed Resources – Vertical Consultants has access to cell tower data for over 250,000 cell sites throughout North America. This data includes lease value, network dependency and what real alternative a cell tower company has in your area.
  • Unmatched Credibility – Vertical Consultants understands that creditability is important to property owners looking for a consultant. We are accredited by the National Association of Small Businesses. Integrity matters to us.
  • Unequaled References – Vertical Consultants will provide you with references from across North America, and we will gladly put you in direct contact with property owners, just like you, whom we have assisted. We welcome you to ask the most important question, which is “Was hiring Vertical Consultants the right choice?”