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About Our Legal Team

Vertical Consultants has cell tower attorneys on staff to assist cell tower landowners. We can assist with issues involving cell tower land use and rooftop towers. Vertical Consultants also handles other types of wireless telecom leases. Our cell tower attorneys serve both both public and private clients. We can provide you with assistance critical to cell tower leases. We also help you determine what rent you should be receiving from the cell tower company as well as future value.

Meet Hugh Odom:

Hugh D. Odom, Esq.: Hugh has amassed almost twenty (20) years of legal/transactional experience, including being an real estate attorney for AT&T for more than ten (10) years. Click here to learn more about Hugh.

Questions? Contact a Cell Tower Attorney Today

Vertical Consultants never charges for an initial consultation. We are here to bring you both value and peace of mind.

Why Choose Vertical Consultants?

  • We are more efficient in reviewing cell tower leases, this is our primary business
  • We can provide you options to better protect you and increase the overall value of your lease
  • We have over thirty-five (35) years of combined legal experience with cell tower and rooftop leases
  • We only charge for our services, no extra charges for expenses (copies, faxes, FedEx fees etc)
  • We understand leases are often time sensitive and can get you answers quickly in one or two business days
  • We deal with cell tower lease issues every day unlike others who do it as side job
  • We have access to on-point resources a local attorney would never have, including the real value (rent rates) of your lease
  • We are an true advocate for you and will protect you from clauses that look harmless but could cost you dearly in the long run
  • We treat each client individually as your concerns are unique. We know how to maximize value and limit the impact of any lease

Vertical Consultants’ results speak for themselves. We are best solution for all of your cell site lease questions and concerns. We are a BBB rated company. If you have been approached by a cell phone company interested in leasing your property or you have questions regarding an existing cell phone tower lease, please feel free to contact us.