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Lease Extensions – How to Negotiate

The cell tower site development boom took place in the 1980’s and 1990’s and, as a result, the leases that accompanied these cell sites are now nearing termination. Consequently, cell tower landlords are now seeing increased activity from their cell tower tenant, requesting either a purchase of the lease in the form of a long-term easement or demanding an extension of the existing lease for little, or no, increase in rents.

There are many factors that contribute to how much rent a landlord should receive, not only immediately, but over the entire extended period of the lease.

Many property owners have received rents that have been far below fair value for decades and a lease extension negotiation provides a cell tower landlord the opportunity to renegotiate not only a lease that will provide more revenue, but one that will provide better overall terms, which will benefit the property owner now and into the future.

The negotiation of an extended cell tower lease should be based upon the telecom value of the tower site and not the real estate value of your property. This is where most property owners make their biggest mistake. This, among other numerous factors, contribute to making bad decisions regarding their lease that will negatively affect them for decades into the future.

Vertical Consultants has a proven record of negotiating extensions of existing cell site leases with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Crown Castle, American Tower, and SBA.

We evaluate the value of your tower site and its particular value to the company leasing and the complexity and expense in building a new site to replace it.

We work to determine the revenues that are being garnered by the tower company from its use of your land. Understanding not only who is on the tower, but what they are paying the tower company to use the cell site can not only assist you in getting the rent today, but going forward as well.

We not only work to assist you in understanding the value of the tower site, but we work for you to negotiate the terms to optimize the rents you will receive throughout the entire term of the lease. We get you the most for your lease, and we do not put your lease in jeopardy.

In 2019, Vertical Consultants immediately increased the value of our clients’ leases by an average of 306%. We have the expertise and skill to know what the threshold is when it comes to terms that the cell tower company will agree to.

We understand how not only to get information to determine the value of your cell tower lease, but, more importantly, we know how to use it to negotiate the best overall terms for you going forward.

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