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Cell Tower ConsultantsStop! Proceed with caution – Before signing a new cell tower lease that will affect your future, proceed with caution, and get the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the true value of your property?
  • How much rent should you receive?
  • Will the rental amount reflect your property and not just “market rent”?

Look! Read the Fine Print – If your property is selected as a new tower site, request a copy of the lease and site map.

  • Examine the tower location and additional areas that may be utilized.
  • Be aware of hidden potential challenges that may limit your overall property’s future use or value.
  • Look at the fine print. What are you getting, and what are you giving up if you sign this agreement?

Listen!  Think About Your Future – Cell tower lease agreements can be structured from 20 years and up to 99 years.

  • Property owners do not have the right to terminate a lease, so establish terms that will be beneficial to you in the future.
  • Will you be receiving the optimal value of the use of your property in year 1, 3, 5, and 25?