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Services We Provide

New Lease Offers

We evaluate the terms of any proposed cell tower lease you have been presented and work on your behalf to both optimize the rent you receive and to mitigate terms that could negatively impact you and your property.

Lease Extensions / Modifications

Landlords constantly receive requests/demands to extend their lease or approve modifications to cell site equipment. We get our clients the true value for any lease extension or equipment upgrades.

Cell Site Management

We generate new cell site revenue; manage and oversee requests from existing cell tower and rooftop cell site tenants; and provide industry updates, such as how 5G will impact you and your property for better or worse.

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Who We Are

Vertical Consultants is made up of experts who have worked for AT&T, Verizon & T-Mobile. We have decades of separate, and yet distinct experience, in the legal, real estate and engineering sectors of the telecom industry.

We are “Insiders” working on your behalf and strive to utilize our expertise to best serve our clients.

With over 100 years of combined experience, we get results.






How We Get Results

We averaged over 300% immediate increase in client’s rent in 2023. How we get results is simple. Every cell tower is unique and has a different value. Rent should be based upon what you are offering the cell tower company and not what they are paying/offering you.

Don’t follow market rent. Be the leader.

Get a better cell tower lease today. Here’s how:

Send us your lease

We evaluate the terms

We present our findings

We work on your behalf

It all starts with a FREE review of your cell tower lease.

Learn how we’ve helped people just like you.

Lease in Texas
Union College
More money and better terms for Sarah Mailen
Immediate Increase in Rent

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Our Fees

Hourly Fee

The “Hourly Fee” option allows clients to pay as they go. We provide an estimate of hours that we can’t surpass without your approval.

Performance Fee

The “Performance Fee” option means that you do not pay any fees unless we can get you the results you are looking to achieve.

Hybrid Fee

This blended option includes an hourly fee that is capped, no matter how long a matter goes, and a reduced performance fee that is only paid when we get you results.

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