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Cell Tower Lease – What We Offer Your New Cell Site Lease

Our cell tower lease service covers over 5,000 properties across North America. We help evaluate proposed and existing cell tower lease and rooftop leases.

We averaged a 343% immediate increase in rents in 2014

As the industry’s leading cell tower lease experts, we negotiate optimal cell tower lease terms for property owners of all types. We have assisted individuals, corporations, and municipalities. We specialize in being a full-service consulting firm, addressing the real estate, telecom and legal issues surrounding a telecom agreement.
If you are optimizing the value of a proposed cell tower lease is important to you, then we are the company you are looking for. We can assist you in negotiating and structuring a lease that will result in maximum value for you today and into the future.

Your Cell Tower Lease – What we can do for you:

Review the Lease – We will evaluate the terms and the structure of the lease that has been presented to you. This will allow us to determine not only what options you have, but also what issues need to be addressed. We will also explain how the cell tower lease can affect you and your property not only today, but into the future.

Evaluate the Proposed Site – We will review the proposed cell tower site and determine the value of the site to you, and the value it has to the cell tower company. We will evaluate what “true” options the cell tower company has in your immediate area and why they’ve chosen your site. We analyze the current telecom industry, and how it affects the company who approached.  This provides you the insight you need to make the best decisions.

Construct a Strategy – Based on our analysis of your properties features, we will recommend a strategy of how you should proceed and how we can best position you in negotiation with the tower company looking to lease your land. We will clarify the pros and cons of leasing your land and determine how to structure the lease as it relates to cell tower rent rates not only now, but throughout your lease term.  At the same time, we’ll make sure you protect your land.

Negotiate a Smart Cell Tower Lease – We work on our client’s behalf to get a “Smart Cell Tower Lease”. What does this mean exactly? We act as an advocate for you so your lease is structured beyond the immediate future and allows for maximize value of your property.  We deliver value not only on day one, but throughout the term of your lease, and also minimize the negative impact the agreement can have on your future development or even financing of your property. We have negotiated leases with all of the major tower companies and our results are un-matched. In 2014, we immediately increased rents for our clients by an average of 343%.  It’s simple, we do more than give advice, we get RESULTS!

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Cell Tower Lease Value Increases That Vertical Consultants Has Received For Our Clients In Last 3 Years

The Denver Post Reports:
Vertical Consultants Obtains 75% Rent Increase For Self-Storage Client
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Our Past Cell Tower Lease Clients

Very Satisfied With the Outcome of My Lease Buyout Transaction

Jan 27, 2015 by Keith

My name is Keith and I own property with an existing cell tower in the state of Montana. I engaged Vertical Consultants after I was approached by American Tower wishing to purchase my lease. After enlightening discussions with Vertical Consultants, it was apparent that they had the expertise to handle my situation and the fortitude to deal with a powerhouse like American Tower and their lease buyout offer. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my lease buyout transaction and will continue my relationship with Vertical Consultants.

Vertical Consultants was the Right Company to Trust

Dec 28, 2014 by VanBuskirk Properties

Our company, VanBuskirk Properties, owns commercial real estate in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We knew we needed advice with our current cell tower lease at one of our properties. After doing our research online, we decided to contact Vertical Consultants to assist us with the task.
After talking with Hugh Odom regarding avenues that would allow us to take advantage of the true value of our cell tower lease, we became aware that Vertical Consultants was the right company to trust.

Additionally, he ensured us that through his negotiations, we would be paid correctly under the agreement. Vertical Consultants’ perseverance, on behalf of VanBuskirk Properties, enabled us to negotiate a 991% increase in our cell tower rent. Additionally, they added terms that will benefit us in the overall development of our property.

Sep 23, 2014 by Cathy

I engaged Vertical Consultants to discuss assistance with re-negotiating our current lease with American Tower. After informative conversations with Vertical Consultants, it was apparent that they had the know-how to handle my situation and the drive to handle negotiations related to American Tower\'s use of my family\'s property.

Vertical Consultants was not only able to assist us in determining what alternatives we had regarding American Tower\'s use of our property, but also in determining how we could further optimize the existing lease agreement. Vertical Consultants made it a priority to keep us updated and informed throughout the entire negotiation process. We are confident that this communication allowed us to make the most beneficial decisions regarding our cell tower lease, as well as our property.

Vertical Consultants\' counsel and efforts, on our behalf, resulted in rents that have more than doubled; the ability to share in future revenues generated from the tower, and ultimately a better overall lease. Vertical Consultants increased not only our cell tower rents, but also increased the value of our property as a result. We are all very pleased with the outcome of the lease negotiations and will continue our relationship with Vertical Consultants. They have always been willing and able to answer any additional questions that have arisen over time as well. We would recommend Vertical Consultants to any company or individual looking to optimize the value of their tower or rooftop lease.

Resulted in an Immediate 393% Increase in Rent

Sep 06, 2014 by Nancy

As property owners on the central coast of California with an existing AT&T cell tower lease, we have watched the cell tower industry change rapidly, as well as grow exponentially bigger and more complex since our originsJ lease went into effect. Even with years of business experience, my husband and I knew we needed guidance to make the most ofa new agreement that would also protect our property physically and financially. I engaged Vertical Consultants to provide us those services. Those services, that in the end, optimized the value of our cell tower lease, as well as made sure that our family\'s property was protected.

Vertical Consultants had the necessary experience to take on one ofthe largest telecom companies in the world through a long, complicated process. Our consultant, Hugh Odom, worked tirelessly with us for over eighteen months to negotiate and structure a lease that resulted in an immediate 393% increase in rent and the ability to receive a portion of future revenues generated by AT&T. The new agreement will also better guard the use of our property overall, both now and in the future.

Proactively and Promptly, Vertical Consultants Reviewed our Existing Lease

Sep 01, 2014 by Ellingson Associates

Proactively and promptly, Vertical Consultants reviewed our existing lease, recommended improvements, recognized potential future issues, and negotiated on our behalf. Their thorough understanding of the national and our local cell tower lease market, access to cell tower company decision-makers, and attentive service were impressive.

Vertical Consultants’ efforts have produced excellent results; beyond our expectations. At present, Vertical Consultants’ actions on our behalf have produced significantly increased rent revenue. Additionally, Vertical Consultants has negotiated a lease structure that includes the sharing of future potential cell tower revenues. As importantly, Vertical Consultants has negotiated terms that reduce potential impacts on our day-to-day business operations and our property’s value.

Specialty Forest Products, Inc. continues our beneficial relationship with Vertical Consultants. We unequivocally recommend Vertical Consultants to any individual, company, or municipality searching for effective representation in negotiation and execution of a cell tower or rooftop lease.

Vertical Consultants Provided Us With Services Over Several Months and Handled All the Issues Associated with a Complicated Transaction

Aug 30, 2014 by Sand Creek Properties

Our company, Sand Creek Properties, is a real estate development company based out of Durham, North Carolina. We are also a cell tower lease landlord leasing part of one of our properties to house telecom equipment. We were approached by our tenant, American Tower, for renegotiation of our cell tower lease and wanted to know the full value for the use of our land.
As a result, we decided to engage Vertical Consultants to provide counsel and optimize opportunities regarding the existing cell tower lease associated with our property.

Vertical Consultants not only made us aware of opportunities that we had not otherwise known were available, but they also made it a priority to alert us of certain pitfalls that could negatively impact both our property and our overall business. Vertical Consultants provided us with services over several months and handled all the issues associated with a complicated transaction. They made sure to keep us informed throughout the entire process and made us feel very comfortable during the cell tower transaction we were a party to.

In the end, Vertical Consultants’ services resulted in a significant increase in the value of our lease and an agreement that will allow us to maximize the value of all of our property. We are extremely satisfied with the services that Vertical Consultants has provided, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Vertical Consultants.

I Chose Vertical Consultants Because of Hugh Odom's Long Track Record in the Industry

Aug 29, 2014 by Plaza Owners Association

I chose to go with Vertical Consultants because of Hugh Odom's long track record in the industry and I just felt comfortable that he would represent my interests well. Vertical Consultants reviewed our proposed lease agreement and helped us recognize the value of our site and, more importantly, made sure that we were protected under the agreement, both now and in the future. They helped us negotiate a lease that was fair and rewarding.

One of the things I most appreciated about working with Hugh is that, while it would shave been easier for him if I made an agreement sooner in the process, but he never encouraged me to cut the process short. Instead, he kept me focused on the issues that really mattered. He helped me look beyond immediate appeal of a rental income stream to the issues and consequences of a long-term lease agreement. I appreciate that level of commitment and integrity.

Aug 28, 2014 by Po'okela Church

I am the Treasurer and member of the Missional Board at Po\'okela Church located in Makawao, Maui, Hawaii. We engaged Vertical Consultants to assist us with our church’s current cell tower lease. The experts at Vertical Consultants made us aware that they provided service that could increase the value of our existing lease with Crown Castle and how to avoid potential pitfalls associated with leasing our land.

It was quickly apparent that Vertical Consultants had the expertise to handle our situation and the tenacity to handle negotiations related to Crown Castle’s use of our property. Vertical Consultants’ counsel and efforts, on the church’s behalf, resulted in obtaining above-market rent for the use of our property and a portion of revenue from the tower going forward. Vertical Consultants increased not only cell tower rents, but also increased the value of our property. We are very pleased with the outcome of our lease negotiations and will continue our relationship with Vertical Consultants.

The Staff at Vertical Consultants Made Me Feel Very Comfortable During the Complete Negotiation Phase

Aug 27, 2014 by Sylvia

I am very pleased with the outcome of my lease buyout transaction. I will certainly continue my relationship with Vertical Consultants. I would highly recommend Vertical Consultants to any company or individual looking to optimize the value of their cell tower or rooftop leases. The staff were all very helpful and knowledgeable during this process!!!! Thanks to Hugh, Rob and Jaime!

Vertical Consultants Recovered a Substantial Amount of Underpaid Expenses

Aug 22, 2014 by Budget Self Storage

Vertical Consultants’ efforts, on behalf of Budget Self-Storage, resulted in the recovery of a substantial amount of underpaid expenses that had not been paid correctly by the tower company for a period of over eight years.

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